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Stevie J

VH-1 Love and Hip Hop (Atlanta)

Artist: Stevie J.
Song: Red and Blue Lights

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Lil Jon – Summer En France

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Lil Jon - Summertime En France


“Summer En France”



Contact Lil Jon:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/lil.jizzel


Twitter: https://twitter.com/#!/LilJon


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We are going to start writing weekly editorials about different subject matters that affect us.  (Politics, Music Biz, Sports and more).  Our focus isn’t shifting on being a brand marketing agency instead we are expanding our scope.  As a result, we welcome any all of your comments and opinions.  We are only going to do this if you our readers want it.  Without further ado, here is our first Sunday Editorial.

Rooting For You To Lose

“Me, I’ve been sitting back watching…” That seems to be the open thoughts that the Republicans are passing around their caucuses (Federal and Local).  Their whole intent is to not make a decision or be held accountable for any policymaking.  Policymaking is what our elected officials main responsibility for employment.  From their rhetoric, Congress is there to write policies that improve or better their constituents’ way of life.  This is where the facts don’t add up.  The truth of the matter is their job is to initiate and approve revenue-raising bills to fund the government.  So no matter what they tell us to our face during campaign season, the devil in the details always raises more money for the government to squander.

Sad thing is, most Republican (Traditional and Tea Party) voters are happy with their elected officials standing by watching the US crumble just so they can put “their man” in office.  Believe me, I can say plenty about my distaste for some of the policies the Democratic White House are putting out as well.  My advice to President Obama would be to get better czars to help him make better policies to present to Congress.  For myself, I root for the members of Congress and President (Republicans, Democrats or Independents) that are trying to make a difference for America (short and long term).  Sometimes, you have to patch the screen door in the front of the house before you renovate the kitchen in the back of the house.   Every day, I look at how to legally make things better for my family and I.  That’s the same charge that most politicians run on.  “I will make things better for you and your family.”  Contrarily, when they obtain elected office they realize the bureaucracy loves the status quo.

The truth, Congress reflects us in all. Our strengths and all our weaknesses are reflected by the Congressional officials we elect in this country. It reflects our regional idiosyncrasies, our ethnic, religious, and racial diversity, our multitude of professions, and our shadings of opinion on everything from the value of war to the war over values.  In fact, we as a people are divided.  In my opinion, we have become more divided as a nation because of crafty politicians who have ignored what matters to us (the citizens) and chose to be career politicians.  They have instilled a “lead with fear” of the other guy as a mechanism to govern or not govern.  The latter is the scariest for me.  The choice not to govern is causing the economy to become stagnant. We can’t even sit down locally or federally and have civilized conversation that leads to positive changes.  Instead, we find ourselves in a place where no one wants to take the lead and be a leader that brings all bodies of Congress together as a unit.  If the argument is the economy then Congress need to propose and pass the legislation that will help the economy get going.

Conclusively, let’s stop talking about the same things and get out and make a difference.  Ask your local congress member to be more proactive and become a leader in his/her caucus.  Ask them to push for a change and provide solutions.  Ask them to step outside of party lines and help move this nation forward by compromising on issues that will help this economy.  I know some of you are ready to jump up and champion their cause.  “My guy is the only guy that can fix this problem.”  That isn’t true at all.  No one man/woman has the “magic bullet” answer to help get American Economy going.   So, keep your opinions down without researching the entire message, bill or uninformed rhetoric and press the issue through services you believe in.  So if you have a Congressperson that isn’t getting the job done, by all means, put a foot under their ass and kick them out.  Encourage Congress to get off the sidelines and start doing their jobs.  Most of us with jobs cannot perform our jobs less than the best of our abilities and get paid so why do we allow this lame duck Congress to do the same.

Provide me your feedback.  I’m going to be writing my point of view on different topics weekly.  There will be plenty of one-sided conversations that are simply from one point of view – Mine.  However, I would like for you to participate in the discussions.

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Macboney ft. Young Dro – Good Life

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Good to see Macboney back working on new music. His new street record is called the Good Life and he brings along Young Dro to help him out. Let’s hope he continue to drop new music to get his buzz jumping again.


Macboney ft. Young Dro

Song: Good Life (Campbellton)
Download song here

Listen to it here : http://hu.lk/5iiojqtnmtgp


Korleon – Hat Match

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Korleon - Headshot

New music from Korleon (The Prince of Mississippi).  He is back with his single – Hat Match which will be his summer single while he continue to share new music with his fans.  Look for Korleon to continue to find his place in this industry as one of the leading candidates to usher in new talent.

Artist: Korleon
Song: Hat Match

Download DJ Pak Here

Hulkshare Reference: http://hu.lk/zgglv6ghq3uc



Website: www.korleon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Korleonkoj
Twitter @korleonkoj

Instagram @korleonkoj


Enyla – P.O.L.O. (I Stay Fresh)

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Richboy Ent Presents:
Song: P.O.L.O. – I Stay Fresh

Enyla is a six year old artist that has some skills. Check out her new single P.O.L.O – Power of Loving Others (I Stay Fresh) and watch her video on youtube. The links to download the song and watch the video are below.

Enyla - I Stay Fresh

Click to Download Single Here:

Click to Watch Video Here

Contact for interviews and blogs:

Name: Michael Ellis
Email: Dbombnet@gmail.com
Phone: 662-425-6966

Korleon – Bust It Open

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Korleon - Bust It OpenKorleon – Bust It Open

Korleon is presenting his latest work “Bust It Open”.  I like the production on this track and Korleon has improved with his flow.  Same content, but fresh presentation.  Salute!  DJ’s can download all versions of this record below.  Give it some spin in your sets.

Artist: Korleon
Song: Bust It Open

Download DJ Pak Here

Website: www.korleon.com
Facebook: www.facebook.com/Korleonkoj
Twitter @korleonkoj
Instagram @korleonkoj

Playboy Tre – Liquor Store Mascot 2

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Playboy Tre Liquor Store Mascot 2

Playboy Tre – Liquor Store Mascot 2 (Patron and Instrumentals)

Click 2 Download from Livemixtapes
Click 2 Download from Dat Piff
Download from Sendspace

Mr. Lucci ft. Yo Gotti – Gotta Make Play

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Download UGOTWAX DJ Pak Here
Artist: Mr. Lucci featuring Yo Gotti
Song: Gotta Make A Play

Contact for Mr. Lucci:

Stubb-A-Lean (Hit ‘Em)

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Stubb-A-Lean "Hit 'Em"Download – DJ Pak

Stubb-A-Lean is from Dallas, Tx and he is introducing his new single – Hit ‘Em.  He borrows a line from Kevin Hart movie – Laugh At My Pain (They Learn Today)