Forte Lingo – She Loves California

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ForteLingo She loves California

Forte Lingo is an Atlanta based duo that is moving through the underground circuits. Their latest release entitle She Loves California is an ode to the sticky Northern California grown medicinal prescriptions.

Artist: Forte Lingo
Song: She Loves California

Contact me for the instrumental and Acapella.

This one is personal. I believe in these guys. I produced the lead single and I need your help moving this around and giving it some burn.  This is my Kanye West in Puerto Rico moment.  Get at me if you need to link up with me.  I am working, we are back in the studio turning the next chapter.

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Sosa Nonfiction – Flip Phone Boy

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Artist: Sosa
Song: Flip Phone Boy

Download Song Here



Sham Pain – Put It On Ya

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Sham Pain - Put It On Ya

Soundcloud: Sham Pain Soundcloud


Label: gRock Records INTL.

Contact: Phone Only: +1(214)444-5824
SMS/Whatsapp/Viber/iMessage: +33.67.903.9251

gRockRecords (at)


Mic Guyton aka Alias Unknown – I Got Her

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Artist: Mic Guyton aka. Alias UnknownSong: I Got HerNew music from Dallas, Tx that is getting some traction. Put your ears to this and let me know what you think.

Mic Guyton - I Got Her

Download Single Here: – Radio – Main – Acapella

Contact for interviews and blogs:






Website: www.MICGUYTON.COM


Cory Mo ft. Bun B, Snoop Lion and GLC – Chose Me

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bun_cory mo_glc

Cory Mo teams up with the homies (Bun B, Snoop Lion & GLC) for this Extremely Pimpish Tune called “Chose Me” Produced By: Cory Mo & Risky Boi, which will be featured on his new Album Entitled: “Take It Or Leave It” due out in August on Talib Kweli’s new Label “Javotti Media” / C Mozart Muzik

My .02 – Love & Hip Hop Atlanta

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Lawdy – tonight’s episode was a trip. It really was Turnt Up!!!
1) Joseline, I like Stevie J too, but he is not going to marry you.  Did you all see the doubtful look on his face when the hugged?
2) Momma Dee did what she was supposed to do – offer financial  help to Erica for the grand baby. Erica, why you falling into that trap by selling the ring? That’s what momma dee wants. You should not had taken that ring to the pawn shop. So, not cool. Did you see how momma dee said, go ahead pawn it? Like she was saying, go ahead make my day.
3) Drew you are not attractive. Go sit down. You been stringing this lady along for seven years. Now you see her with someone else, all of a sudden, you love her! A typical male. Now, there is no way in hell that I would agree to have dinner with my ex and my present. We will see what happens next week!
4) Ariana, stick to singing in e church choir. But, your hair is layed.
5) Ghetto ghetto ghetto and more ghetto. What is Erica’s mom wearing? A too small halter shirt? Where they do that at? The GHETTO.   Erica, scrappy was just doing the manly thing, holding your ghetto ass mom back. You should not had but in. Get up and brush your dress off. If you going to call the police on somebody already on paper, what you going to pawn next? And , I don’t blame scrappy for getting upset with you when you told him you pawned the ring. You should had known then to not get in his path after revealing some punk ass news like that!!!
6) Traci, you should not told Rasheeda that. What you should had done, was confront Kirk right when the incident occurred.  But, since you did mention it to her, why leave?? That’s the time to stay and help kick his ass!!!
7) Kirk – no comment. There aren’t enough words.  But, you see he ran in house and then locked the door. Where they do that at! ?
8) Rasheeda -waiting to exhale! Burn burn burn it up!!!
Until next week! Love ya!
Sa Presto

Devin Hill – Call Me (Official Video)

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Devin Hill (Memphis, TN) brings us his latest video.  We’ve already blasted the song now here are the visuals that go with the song.  Get this one on your blogs asap.  Let me know if you need additional contact information.

Devin Hill – Call Me

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We’ve been quiet for a while.  Quite honestly, we had nothing to say.  We just wanted to sit back and watch the game.  Welp, we right back at it.  Shouts Out to DJ MLK for keeping the UGOTWAX flame burning.

This is something new we want to introduce to you.  Devin Hill – “Call Me”.  This is his new independent released single.  Send us your feedback and let me know what you think.  This record is starting to get some airplay in a few markets too.

Devin Hill - Call Me

Devin Hill – Call Me

Devin Hill – Call Me (download link)

Artist: Devin Hill
Location: Memphis, TN

DJ 007 – (901)-292-1236

Twitter: @devinhillmusic

Instagram: devinhilltrill

Facebook: Devin Hill