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A$AP Mob Discusses Their Influences

August 30, 2012 fresh daily No Comments

''To Me, We're the Best Generation''
9:30PM ET August 30th, 2012
Contributor : Chris G.
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A$AP Mob Discusses Their Influences

A$AP Rocky's A$AP Mob spoke about their vision as a collective in a recent interview with the Village Voice. Manager A$AP Yams explained the group's connections to southern hip hop and their wide-ranging influences.

"Rocky is New York rap. He's what a 20-something-year-old kid from Harlem sounds like. New York[ers have] just been in the club too long, so they don't know what the young kids on the street sound like," Yams explained. "We grew up listening to No Limit as much as Ruff Ryders, so that influence is going to come across in the music. To me we're the best generation because we were old enough to hear the late-'90s rap and be influenced by it but we're still young. I remember It Was Written. That sh*t influenced me. The whole Bad Boy era of the late '90s, Life After Death and No Way Out, that era influenced me greatly. Rocky and them are on some high-fashion sh*t, but I just keep it late '90s."

A$AP Nast also discussed the crew's comparisons to the Wu-Tang Clan.

"Oh man, it's an honor [to be compared to the Wu]," said A$AP Nast. "I grew up listening to those dudes. For us to be fresh out the gate and people are already making those comparisons feels great. I kinda wish they would let us be us before comparing us to people, but I can't be too mad if we're getting compared to the greats...I want to say [that I'm most like] Ghostface...but I'm going to go with Ol' Dirty Bastard. He just stood out so much. His style was so distinct."

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