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Just Blaze Denies Threatening dream hampton

August 16, 2012 fresh daily No Comments

''Why Would I Put It On Twitter''
8:30PM ET August 16th, 2012
Contributor : Stephen Willis
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Just Blaze Denies Threatening dream hampton

Writer/filmmaker dream hampton has had to endure quite a backlash since tweeting earlier this week that rapper Nas didn't write all of his rhymes on his infamous "Untitled" album. hampton claimed in a post that she had received threats--including one from producer Just Blaze, who she said claimed that she should be 'bled out.' Blaze denied that he ever threatened her.

"What the h*ll did I just wake up to???," he tweeted. "And who started this notion that I was threatening @dreamhampton???? What the h*ll is wrong with some of you people?"

"Yo @dreamhampton wtf?!? I'm pretty sure you don't follow me. If you did you'd know I quote random 80's movies all the time," he continued. "@dreamhampton in addition to that If I had real intent towards you. Why would I put it on twitter?"

"@dreamhampton that whole situation involves a bunch of grown men who can handle their own. Y do I need to threaten someone on their behalf," he tweeted. "Don't involve me in some f*ckboy foolishness. If you're not sure if i'm talking about you, Ask me. I will tell you."

"And that last tweet is in general. Not at @dreamhampton. If anyone ever is wondering/cares if I have issue with them. Just ask," he added.

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