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Programmed for Demise: How Game Addiction is Ruining Boys

July 31, 2012 Uncategorized No Comments

Programmed for Demise
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Studies have shown that boys who are ‘addicted’ to video games perform worse than those who are not. And the bad news is that the amount of time spent on video games is on the rise. It’ll be important for the 5.1% of all graduates who will graduate with a degree in an education related field (second only to business administration) to know why many boys are struggling in school. In fact, more than 70% of D’s and F’s are given to boys. Understanding that video game addiction is a very likely reason for poor performance, it’ll be important to spot these problems whether you’re getting a teaching degree, psychology degree, or even a public health degree. This infographic will show you how bad video game addiction has become.

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